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Billable to become ProfitTrain

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Over the last few years I have fallen in love with Billlable to keep track of my time when working on various freelance projects and/or at work. I was excited to get an e-mail form Mike Zornack (the developer behind this great product) announcing ProfitTrain as a major update to Billable. BTW Mike it looks amazing; anyways, here is Mike’s e-mail announcement:

Billable becomes ProfitTrain

In a few weeks we will be releasing the next major version of
Billable. With this release the product is getting a new name.
It will now be known as ProfitTrain. This release is considered
ProfitTrain 2.0 and should be available soon.

ProfitTrain Open Beta

As we finalize the release we are offering an early sneak peek
via an open beta. The purpose of this beta is to help us catch
any remaining bugs and make the final release go as smoothly as
possible. If you are interested in participating there is more
info on our forums:

The latest build is 2.0b21:

For a quick tour check out this introduction screencast:

Follow the app on Twitter: